Rock Drum Samples



  1. Compatible with all DAW’s and Midi Controllers
  2. Awesome uncompressed 24 bit audio
  3. Our favorite Drum Samples recorded in our Pro Studio
  4. Recorded with our favorite analog gear
  5. Tracked with top of the line drum sets and microphones
  6. Single Samples for easy trigger replacement or midi drums
  7. 825kb file size

Looking for the perfect snap on that snare?  Or that phat kick drum sound you have always dreamed of?

These high impact drum samples are perfect those,  rock , alternative or even metal genre’s of music.  Included is raw sounds uncompressed for other genre’s as well.  Natural drum sets , real drummers, and included bonus tracks that have separate samples with different velocities changes to match the similar chosen sample.  This equals less time spent changing the velocity of the drums and more time mixing.  Let’s face it time = money.

We do not just specialize in live sound mixing, matter of fact our engineers first started in the recording world and strive to bridge that gap between live sound mixing and recording album’s.  Which is becoming more prominent since the introduction of digital consoles in the live sound world.  These samples are from real recorded players in our studio and are perfect to add to your arsenal of mixing tools.  No need to mess with polarity and phase issues in the mixing process anymore.

Certain DAW’s have triggering plugin’s that will allow you to add your own samples..just drag and drop your desired sample then eq, compress to your liking!

Note:  That some files have our desired eq, compression, and reverb to make this process easier.  That being said we included the uncompressed versions to show your creative expression to match the song being worked on.