Midas M32 vs Behringer X32

Midas M32 vs Behringer X32

Midas M32 vs Behringer X32

What is the Difference you ask?








They are the same internal software as well as firmware upgrade compatibility across both console lines.

  • Difference is that the Midas M32 line of console’s have the Midas Pro Series of Pre-amps installed, these have high common mode rejection ratio as well as low harmonic distortion for a higher quality of transparency.
  • 40 bit-float structure on the internal DSP in the console.  This allows for less lag, latency and hiccups that may occur when you use more EQ, dynamics and effects that take up more internal DSP / CPU in the internal computing processor.  (Very noticeable when Recording into a pc or using effects etc on in ear monitors.)
  • Also has Midas Pro-series 100 mm fader that offer a 1 million cycle rating which is 3 times faster than other leading brands.
  • Plus it contains a more robust frame layout for easy viewing of the LCD screen as well as an aluminum, steel, aircraft rated carbon-fiber outer frame designed by Bentley. More info in the next paragraph.

Ultramodern ergonomics by Bentley designer

Anyone who’s worked at a digital console knows that ergonomics play a major role in getting around the board efficiently and creating the best possible mix in the least possible amount of time. In an effort to strike a balance between form and function, Midas enlisted the talent of Rajesh Kutty, an industrial designer known for his outstanding work with Bentley Motors. The result is a sleek and stylish console that’s easy to get around. All the most important controls are front and center and in reach, while access to fader layers and deeper functions are accessible and effortless to use. The design philosophy even extends to the materials in the M32’s structure, where a combination of aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber provide superior stability while minimizing weight.

Ergonomics engineered by Rajesh Kutty (Bentley). Design with a Logical layout makes regular operation comfortable.  Material selection balances for stability and weight


  • Plus, in my experience when I have had touring bands needing PA rental that have a Rider (or list with specific requirements like a certain name brand gear) having the Midas name on the console over Behringer seems to be more welcomed for (peace of mind) to most touring musicians than the Behringer Console.  Let’s face it they expect a certain quality of sound from gig to gig.  Who would want to have one gig ruin their reputation with there fans over the next gig.  This also includes backline gear as well.  This is just my experience along the way and can be a very opinionated subject.


That being said, I fully support both console’s equally and use both on a regular basis. They both are great in my opinion and each have their place in the required situation. Hope this helps.

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