Hulk Bundle

This bundle is the big sha-bang! The Hulk Mix Bundle is all the presets that we have available on this page.  You will not only get all the Presets in both the Platinum and the Gold Bundle but also quite many other Bonus’s as well. This bundle has over 100 presets! This includes a recording bundle as well as a loadable channel preset library and my actual non flattened mixes from a wide variety of genres.   The Bonus’s in this bundle are actually more value than the other two combined.  They are only available in this bundle.


What You Will Get in the Hulk Bundle

Recording Preset Bundle includescapturePlatinum Split Console BundlecaptureOf coarse this is the all ever popular split console set up of presets.

Gold Split Console BundlecaptureThis is the non split console configuration of presets for those analog and straight forward approach people.

Real n Raw X32 Scenes (careful monitors not zero’d)


Now these are the real and raw mixes of bands we have done, nothing has been changed besides the title of the scenes to protect the bands.  Yes the other bundles are our scenes but we flattened out the monitor mixes and lightened up some of the graphic eq’s , because lets face it you will have a different room and sound system than what we have had.  So those are more starting points.  These presets are raw to show you examples of what our graphic eq’s can look like depending on the different rooms as well as examples of monitor eq’s and sends.  (We advise extreme caution loading these scenes due to how they are..Load these onto console without any pa speakers turned on is highly recommended due to the fact that the monitor sends are still from the night of the show and nothing has been changed.)


Channel Preset Library


The Channel Preset Library can be loaded and stored into your X32 / M32 internal Channel Library. This makes it easy to load the channels into any scene on the console when your in a sticky situation.  We know what its like to have stressful moments while doing live sound.  That is why we offer great tools that can help you out of them so you can enjoy the passionate part of the profession.

For the sake of transparency we encourage you to use our presets as starting points.  Yes, we even tweak our own starting points from gig to gig due to the fact that the room has changed and so has the sound of the instrument.  Obviously the snare drum we had that night will not be the exact same drum, mic, placement and musician we have the next night.  None the less, these will get you in the ball park for a great mix.  Plus its always interesting to find out what other engineers do to the settings to make their sound unique.  We also have learned our skill sets from others as well while putting our own creative expression on them.  We encourage you to do the same. 🙂

Less Problems = More gigs! (and Fun!)


Why the higher price?

Ok, we understand that some people may not resonate to cost of the bundle’s and presets in general. We promise you many others around the world that have purchased them will beg to differ.

First off, the work flow and the tips and tricks are results of thousands of hours of research and practice that has made us where we are today.  Running sound 5 days a week, year round for not just local weddings, churches, bars, and private events.  But also many National touring Artists.  Shows from 100 people all the way up to 60,000 people.

This is our passion and there is nothing wrong with making a living doing something you love!  And I encourage any one out there that has a strong passion for anything to do the same thing. But only with the intention to do good for others.

Always think outside of the box, there is limitless ways to make a living and not struggle in this world.  After all , a job that is your passion and that you enjoy doing becomes a job that you will never have to “work” a day in your life.  We also find that some people don’t value what is free , matter of fact free is more less not even looked at.  We as a society have been taught to value material things that hard earned income buys, and that is true on so many levels.

On that note the greatest of all free things are family, friends, relationships, life and mother nature.

Also our digital products our not just only supporting us to keep making tutorials etc.  We also donate on a regular basis to charities.  Specifically to help the future generations.  Our hearts go out to a world that needs healing.  So any purchase you make is very much appreciated.  Thank You!

Pass it forward

Did the bundles have what you were looking for?

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