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Customize our presets to match your In and Out (I/O) List!

Send us a detailed input and output list to so we can customize the scene to meet your requirements as well as keeping our way and style of mixing.  It is imperative for the I/O list to be as detailed as possible.  Speaker set up etc.

Others all over the world have been using them. See what they have been saying! These reviews are 100% real customers with no gimmicks.

All Scenes Presets

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I got these presets to give me a little bit more understanding on how to configure the X32. Tried some of the preset and they are great, We have a female lead singer and I was having trouble with getting the right tone on here mix and the vocal preset was a great starter, with a few minor tweaks. Tried the kick drum presets as well and it showed me new things that I can do with multi compression, I would like to see a description with the files just saves trying to find everything thru-out the X32. I will be trying more presets in the coming weeks, so after then I will give an in depth review. Thanks again Greg

Presets Nem Band

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Good Idea ! I once tentatively ordered the New Band Split Preset . It gives a good overview of the Routing who occupied outputs Groups and matrices . The Split FOH / Monitor , was new to date . From Germany GerdFrom Germany Gerd

Rock Band Scene

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I just purchase Rock-Band scene for my upcomming show. To my surprise i spend only 10 minutes to set up thw whole band, few minor adjustment on eq and all done. Not to mention the sound was outstanding, i am using Bryston amps with Turbosound array. The band members want me on their next show,,,bravo to Javin !! Cant wait to try the Country Band Scene;;;

For the sake of transparency we encourage you to use our presets as starting points.  Yes, we even tweak our own starting points from gig to gig due to the fact that the room has changed and so has the sound of the instrument.  Obviously the snare drum we had that night will not be the exact same drum, mic, placement and musician we have the next night.  None the less, these will get you in the ball park for a great mix.  Plus its always interesting to find out what other engineers do to the settings to make their sound unique.  We also have learned our skill sets from others as well while putting our own creative expression on them.  We encourage you to do the same. 🙂

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Why the higher price?

Ok, we understand that some people may not resonate to cost of the bundle’s and presets in general. We promise you many others around the world that have purchased them will beg to differ.

First off, the work flow and the tips and tricks are results of thousands of hours of research and practice that has made us where we are today.  Running sound 5 days a week, year round for not just local weddings, churches, bars, and private events.  But also many National touring Artists.  Shows from 100 people all the way up to 60,000 people.

This is our passion and there is nothing wrong with making a living doing something you love!  And I encourage any one out there that has a strong passion for anything to do the same thing. But only with the intention to do good for others.

Always think outside of the box, there is limitless ways to make a living and not struggle in this world.  After all , a job that is your passion and that you enjoy doing becomes a job that you will never have to “work” a day in your life.  We also find that some people don’t value what is free , matter of fact free is more less not even looked at.  We as a society have been taught to value material things that hard earned income buys, and that is true on so many levels.

On that note the greatest of all free things are family, friends, relationships, life and mother nature.

Also our digital products our not just only supporting us to keep making tutorials etc.  We also donate on a regular basis to charities.  Specifically to help the future generations.  Our hearts go out to a world that needs healing.  So any purchase you make is very much appreciated.  Thank You!

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